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The American Dream is Burning Away

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Saturday, July 25, 2015


The Clinton Years American Dream Reversed is symbolic of a time when President Clinton proclaimed prosperity while millions were losing their jobs in the most massive dislocation of workers in U.S. history including the Great Depression. Ray Tapajna's hopes this art that talks keeps history intact about this time.  President Clinton said during his troubles about an affair, - It all depends on the your definition of is - is. He destroyed logic in the process and we soon found out this definition applies to most everything including our economic day. It evolved into an economic and social crisis. Exceptions to the rule became the rule. ______DOUBLE TALK FROM THE LAND OF IS IN STILL IN EFFECT _______________________________________________________________ In 1993, he pushed the passage of NAFTA and GATT trade agreements that were designed by the elder President Bush. History will show a Democratic President and Democratic Congress passed free trade economics. However, free trade would never have passed without the Republicans. The Contract with America Conservative Republicans joined hands with President Clinton in the passing of this economic nightmare.________________________________________________________ It evolved into the most massive dislocation of jobs in U.S. history with millions losing their jobs and businesses. Actually the U.S. Federal Government sponsored the moving of factories outside of the country starting in 1956. It was supposed to be must a temporary program to test the possibilities of providing cheaper prices for consumers in America by sending production to Mexico and other countries for the sake of cheaper labor costs. Obviously, the economic logic was bad. It cost American workers their jobs. The government dangled the carrot in front of the American shopper that seemingly promised them a cheaper cost of living. But in the end Americans shopped their way out of their jobs. Free trade economics backfired.________________________________________________________ In 1995, President Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy even though more than 4,000 U.S. factories had been moved to Mexico. Several Mexican bishops called this cultural death. None of this stopped the massive migration of Mexican workers to America seeking economic survival. Free trade economics opened pandora's box of economic insanity. No one knows how much money, President Clinton sent to Mexico because he had to get funds from world banks too. A domino effect was in place where the peso was affecting the value of money in Europe.___________________________________________________________ It turns out free trade economics is not really trade as historically practiced and defined but is is more about separating investments from production. It is about moving factories anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor and more profit. In effect, money was made a product in itself. The value of workers and labor was degraded and deflated. This represents trillions of dollars in value lost forever. The globalist free trader evidently thought with money as a product, values could be manipulated and increased through investments. It did not work and our economies based on making money on money instead of making things burn out. __________________________________________________________________Free trade economis failed. It really never worked. It openly failed in 2008 and President Obama with the help of people like Senator McCain put a bail out package together to stop the domino factor from spreading across our whole economy. However, President Obama just bailed out big money interests, the investment communities, the stock market, stock portfolios, banks and the "too big to fail" corporations. President Obama ignored the suffering of millions who lost their jobs and businesses. And the bail out became just a patch on a worn out inner tube that is ready to burst again at anytime.__________________________________________________________ We do not need any conspiracy theories to know free trade economics has been driven by powerful forces outside the will of the people. It combined both major parties into one in the U.S. and the party should be called the Globalist Free Trader party. Many called this grouping "the establishment." And in 2015, many are reacting this way. __________________________________________________________________Enter Trump. Trump noticed it in his own way and broke the mold. IT'S TIME TO LET IT ALL HANG OUT. _________________________________________________________________ Here is a letter published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer soon after Trump announced he was running for president. These few words hold a key to open the big door of the establishment and all their secret dirty dealings where the free market is isolated to only a few players._________________________________________________________ Media doing all it can to discredit Donald Trump: Letter to the Editor - Cleveland Plain Dealer __________________________________________________________________ After listening to Donald Trump's announcement speech that hit all the hot buttons of the "unnetted" who are outside looking in at the American Dream and the 50 percent of voters who do not vote, I knew the establishment would do everything to crucify him. The Cleveland Plain Dealer did a number on him June 28 with their so-called Fact Checker. They play statistics against his hot buttons but the statistics themselves are deeply flawed._____________________________________________________________________ A former Federal Reserve Bank director in Kansas City confirmed our unemployment reporting is fiction. He added this is a real problem because the stats are used in most of the Feds' financial analysis.___________________________________________________________________ And here is the bell ringer. When a Congressman asked former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke during a hearing about the stimulus package of President Bush, what was the best way to stimulate the economy, Bernanke quickly responded, "The best way to stimulate the economy is to buy 'domestically produced goods.'" This statement alone tells the story of our times.____________________________________________________________ I was trumped by Trump who told about things in a simple fashion while I explore the latent response of religion and philosophy to the global economic arena. Ray Tapajna, ___________________________________________________________________Dig into this letter a bit. It tells you a lot. As an advocate for workers dignity, local and value added economies and real free enterprise, we now approach free trade as a structural sin against all of society __________________________________________________________________ See also - Do you feel like you are a gladiator in the Global Economic Arena fighting for your economic life ? __________________________________________________________________ And for a summary of Tapsearch Com World and Ray Tapajna Info sites and articles see

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Friday, July 03, 2015
Designer Wars - Longest War In History

Designer Wars breed more Wars Stories behind News in Global Economic Arena - Part of Tapsearch Com World Resources " Information Digest " sites at from the real world of the streets of USA Designers wars of terror Bizarre Politics Reports: Designer wars just spread more wars Lost worlds of the globalists- Ray Tapajna Living Journals and News Elizabeth Sullivan, editor Cleveland Plain Dealer, editorial page editor, tells how the U.S. Iraq war just multiplied the problems and did not end them. " Admittedly, Iraq under Saddam was a grim dictatorship and killing fields for Shiites and Kurds who opposed Sadam's Sunni and Baathist elites. But it wasn't what the Bush administration erroneously tried to portray in justifying the war." Instead of stopping the Qaida's terrorist empire, the war accomplished the opposite. Sullivan articles about the Balkans and the Middle East are truly documents for history about the realities of our times. Reference: her excellent overview and/or search under Elizabeth Sullivan and add Middle East wars or Balkan wars. We call these wars Designer Wars The war was a designer war which was instigated my a small group of leaders. There was never any real national discussion about it. Instead, we had a wholesale publicity campaign that contained more lies than truth. It was a preemptive attack on an entire nation and not secluded to finding the enemy and stopping them. Thousands of innocent people were caught in the infighting. As a matter of fact, the U.S. never ended the first Gulf War with Iraq and constantly bombed the country for more than ten years before the second land assault. An outstanding question remains of why the elite group created this pit of terror. They picked out the word " terrorism " as the enemy calling it a war against terrorism. But in the process terrorism spread across the Middle East. It leads one to wonder why the U.S. would set the stage for people in the Middle East to fight each other as the terror infected the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Iran and Egypt. Then the terror spread to Africa. For many years, we had a foreign policy to balance out the geopolitical problems in the Middle East. History tells us to stay out of the region and just attend to humanitarian missions to control the killing fields. The lie about Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction started it all even though the evidence was plain that Iraq did away with all these weapons around 1992. President Bush sold the lie to the American people and put on the "shock and awe war" on TV as his own reality show. It first attacks displayed the attack on Iraq as if it was a 4th of July display. Drone Colonialism Then the news of torture came showing how people who were on the wrong side of things tortured. These depictions harden the hearts of Americans with many saying torture is necessary under these circumstances. And so it goes. We now have a 100 years war in the Middle East and still no one tells us why. The terror has not only spread across the Middle East but also infecting our moral consciences on how to balance things out when the geopolitical balances are uprooted. We now even have Drone Colonialism where we have planes without pilots controlling events.

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